Tires and Wheels One Stop Shop

Top Store knows what you want in a wheel & tire. We not only store your summer and winter sets, but we are also capable of replacing worn tires and damaged wheels.

Many clients with newer vehicles don't have a set of snow tires yet. At Top Store, we specialize in meeting your driving needs while above all, maintaining safety on the winter roads.

We offer our Tire Storage services to anyone in Chicagoland looking to keep their wheels safe without them taking up space. Our service includes storing your wheels and bring them back and forth to your nearest tire shop. The annual tire storage fee is $300 and that would include delivery and pick-up to and from the dealership.

We work solely with The Tire Rack for purchases of new tires and are proudly a member of The Tire Rack affiliation program.

Finding the right tire and wheel is a bit tricky.

Each season, tire manufacturers are changing tread patterns and composition of their tires. Additionally, wheels are getting stronger, lighter and more visually appealing.

Here is a list of questions you should answer when deciding what wheel and tire is for you. Remember, it isn't just rubber and metal anymore.

1. Does my work commute involve highway driving or is it city oriented?

2. What type of rain / wet road handling do I expect from my tire?

3. Do I drive aggressively? (Very important question, so be honest.)

4. Am I out for superb speed and performance, extreme safety and handling or a moderate amount of both?

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