Hard Tops Specialized Storage Service
Hard Top Storage

Hard-top storage began our core business over 15 years ago. In the duration, we've seen hard tops evolve into retractables, multi-piece and multi-position.

Although the advances in hard tops make use quick and easy, their storage remains a dilema that many people don't have the space or time to solve.

Whether you have a Jeep hardtop or one for a Porsche, Mercedes or BMW, we have appropriately designed storage racks. And all tops are of course insured while in our care.


Jeep hard tops are stored vertically against a solid wall. The walls are padded and as the Jeep hard tops arrive, we nestle them inside each other with padding. (They are typically stored three deep.)

This method of storage is great for preventing damaging scratches and cracks in the fiberglass. Additionally, the rear window is safest when away from the ground. Often times, future clients ahave phoned in saying that their hardtop was stored in their garage and that the back glass was broken. We pride ourselves on no breaks, cracks or scratches.

Porshe | Mercedes | BMW

Porsche, Mercedes and BMW hardtops are stored on specially designed 'speed racks'. These racks, designed by us, are made of solid wood and are padded at all contact points. They excel at storing multiple tops while maintaining a sinificant amount of portability.

All tops are individually labeled with tags that contain the client name, date of storage, and the type of top.

Buy | Sell

We also buy and sell hard tops for Jeeps, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz.

Give us a call if you have a top to sell or need to purchase one!

General Pricing
  • Jeep Hard Top Storage - $425
  • Porsche, Mercedes, BMW Hard Top Storage - $350
  • All other Hard Top Storage Makes - $350
  • Winter Hard Top Storage is $100 for all makes and models
Delivery | Pickup

Suburban delivery and pick-up of your hard top from your home or office, including installation and removal with our specially designed trailer ($35 additional fee)

Local Chicago pick-up and delivery of your car or top ($35).

All hardtops are insured while in our care.

Our prices beat most independant storage facilites and locker spaces. Additionally, you have the peace of mind knowing that your top is stored by a company that specializes in storing hardtops.

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