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General Fees and Services

Jeep soft tops are removed each fall when the hardtop is installed. The following spring, each soft top is cleaned and put back on the Jeep when the hardtop is stored away.

The fee for soft top storage is $55 for the winter months. If we store the soft top through the summer months it is an additional $55.

We store each soft top in a custom made box that prevents contact with dust and moisture. Each box is labeled with the clients name and stored off the ground on shelves.

Our warehouse is kept at 60 degrees and higher throughout the year. This temperature helps prevent drying out and cracking of plastic windows and the soft-top material.

New and Uses Parts

In addition to storage of Jeep soft tops, we also offer a large variety of factory and aftermarket new and used soft tops and soft top parts.

New aftermarket window sets are a great way to dress up a soft top that is a few years old.

Replace-a-tops are also available utilizing your existing frame while replacing only the soft-top material.

Then there are the Jeeps that need a whole new soft top. When this happens, we are able to offer used factory original equipment and also, a huge variety of aftermarket soft-top options.

From the bikini top to the sun rider, to the half top, there are many options to fit many lifestyles.

Call us today to discuss your Jeep soft top needs.

Your soft top is part of the car. Keeping it clean, dry and mold free is important. Replacements can cost thousands of dollars. Each fall, your soft top is tucked away after a cleaning, taking care to make sure it is completely dry. When the hardtop is removed in the spring, the soft top is worked to make sure that everything is operating properly.

Plastic Maintenance

After years of use, especially for older Mercedes and Porsche vehicles, the rear soft top plastic windows can develop cracks or a thick grey and yellowish fog.

While occasionally the window plastic can be cleaned, the optimum solution is to replace to windows.

Soft top windows can be unstitched and new material stitched back in place.

This small step can completely change the way a soft top looks. Not to mention, the increased visibilty and safer driving condition at night.

When cleaning and normal maintenance isn't sufficient, replacement is the final step.

Although the factory original soft top can cost thousands of dollars, there are many aftermarket suppliers that make high-quality replacement soft tops.

We can expertly install these soft tops so that they look, feel, and operate just like the factory original.

Call us today for a quote on cleaning or replacement options.

Available Soft Top Parts

  • Replacement soft top windows
  • Tinted soft top windows
  • Replacement canvas and soft top material
  • Frame pieces & brackets
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